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    Chad Steger


    "I asked you to help me make a 22-year-old dream come true. Your expert choices allowed me to go to my audition with confidence."

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    Janna Ahlers

    Mother of Zola, Performer

    "Zola has been taking lessons with Jessie for about a year.  Her confidence and vocal abilities have vastly increased. With Jessie's coaching Zola won second place in the semifinals at The Minnesota State Fair! Jessie is very good at what she does and is always professional.  Zola has so much fun working with Jessie. We are so glad we found her!"

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    Dustin Meriwether


    "She has an uncanny ability to see more potential in me than I do in myself, and she has the technique and communication skills to have me realize that potential."

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    Jenna Lavoie

    Singer/Songwriter, Grammy Nominee

    "They were so much more than vocal lessons. From taking lessons with Jessie, I sing with a new freedom and power."

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    Regina Downing

    Owner, The Regina Noel Music Studio

    "I've known Jessie since our college days at Luther! She's one of the most amazing people you will meet. As a teacher, she offers best techniques unique to various styles. Her thorough and thoughtful approach to her teaching is yet to be matched!"

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    Diane Garton Edie

    Artistic Director, Opera for the Young

    "Jessie’s enthusiasm and dedication for each undertaking is sincere and a perfect accompaniment  for her knowledge and skills."

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    Heather Pickering

    Founder/Director, Flutter Productions

    "Jessie is able to offer her students a diverse experience as she is not only a musician, but a singer, actor, and dancer as well.  The poise and grace that she teaches with sets an admirable standard for her students to follow and emulate." 

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    Dawn Doherty

    Para Professional

    "Jessica is a really patient person. She has a warm, calming presence about her. She taught the unteachable."

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    Mackenzie Ross


    "Choosing to learn from Jessie Rolfe is choosing to receive the best quality education in terms of challenging your voice and meeting the goals you set for yourself. Her encouragements and joyful heart is revealed when in her presence." 

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    Niki Henderson

    Licensed Massage Therapist

    "I didn't anticipate how deeply emotional and life changing it would be." 

  • IMG_6854.PNG

    Brenda Bernstein

    Senior Editor at The Essay Expert

    "She made a huge difference in the control and power in my voice! Down to earth, creative, flexible and your biggest fan!"

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    Caitlin Robb

    Second City, Chicago

    "As a teacher, Jessie's enthusiastic and nurturing demeanor encourages her students to achieve while truly appreciating and enjoying the work they're doing."

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    Bobbi Ross

    Nurse and New Mom

    "Without her, I’m not sure if I would still be as in love with music as I am today."

  • IMG_6844.jpg

    Gabby Jore

    Minnetonka High School

    "Since beginning voice lessons with Jessie my voice has improved more than I thought was possible! I really appreciate her honest feedback, experience and patience as a vocal teacher."

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    Traci Yavas

    Mother Of Jeylin, Comedian

    "Lessons with you have been the most beneficial thing the has ever done in terms of building confidence, lifting spirits and improving her outlook."

  • IMG_6855.PNG

    Shawn McCray

    Software Design Enginer

    "My confidence grew with each lesson, as did my skill. She took a bottom up approach, while still letting me sing music I liked."

  • IMG_6845.jpg

    Amy Jore

    Minnetonka Theatres

    "We have been very impressed with how quickly we saw noticeable improvement not only with our daughter's vocals but also with her confidence."


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