Jessie Rolfe

Welcome to Midwest Vocal Academy! 

Jessie is a master teacher with over twenty years of teaching and performance experience. A New York Vocal Coaching Teacher Training Alum, Jessie continues to seek out master educators, vocalists, and performers to learn from. Jessie's unique vocal education trainings and personal and professional experiences create the ability to facilitate you reaching your goals with expertise and compassion. 


Jessie is committed to the possibility of everyone knowing the power of their own authentic voice. She is dedicated to facilitating lessons that make a difference for all students no matter what style or goal the have in mind. The studio supports opera, choral, classical, pop, R & B, hip-hop, gospel, rock, jazz, musical theatre, folk, country, world, singer songwriters, young singers and not so young singers, beginners to professionals and those seeking peace and self-care. Jessie is a life-long learner who continually studies to meet the needs of a diverse and ever evolving student base. Jessie believes that singing and speaking healthily opens up a world of possibility. Performers with strenuous schedules do not have to experience vocal fatigue, public speakers can project without amplification, and children can heal speech issues. All students can experience peace through music and heart-centered teaching. 

When you complete your first lesson you will have a map of your voice from which to reference, a set of vocal exercises crafted for your unique voice and challenges, and the confidence that you will make steady progress toward your goals. Jessie also provides her students a practice guideline, recording of the lesson, unlimited copies of music in the MVA library and access to the studio's digital music and accompaniments.

Private voice lessons with Jessie give you the opportunity to hone your craft. Jessie will work with you to develop healthy breathing technique, sing through and strengthen all registers of your voice, and apply healthy supported singing to any genera of music you care to study. 


Jessie has a lot to offer her students. As an educator, singer and performer, Jessie understands what it takes to present your voice to various audiences as a soloist, small group artist and choral/chorus singer. As a student of Justin Stoney, Wendy Rowe, Kay Belich, Jessica Paul and Christine Seitz, Jessie has worked with some of the best vocal educators in the world to assure she facilitates exceptional music lessons. As a cancer survivor, she knows the importance of compassion, resilience and tenacity in every day life. A member of local and national associations, she provides monthly recitals, musical theatre performance opportunities and competitions for students of MVA to participate in. 


Join us.